BLOG: Massey Marathon 2017
This could be my last marathon

The doctor said this would be my last marathon. Let's see.

They call it the Friendly Massey Marathon, and it IS just that.

It is a friendly small-town race -extremely laid back - but everything's done right. I highly recommend it.

After our 5 1/2 hour drive up, the first thing was to check into the motel then pick up our race kits.


Each of those tasks literally took minutes. The Massey Marathon is the most low stress race possible.

The course itself helps make the race friendly. It is 3 out-and-backs for one half marathon loop.

This is then repeated to make up a full marathon. This lets the runners see the volunteers and all the other runners several times. Almost all the course is on country roads with some great views.

 On race morning I was able to sleep in until past 5am and easily be ready for race start at 6am.

The drive to the race took 2 minutes with parking about 25 meters away from the start line.

3-2-1 Go!

Suddenly the race I had been preparing for around the clock for a short 8 weeks was underway.

I was ever mindful that this could very well be the last marathon I ever would run.

I immediately settled into my ideal pace by keeping my heart rate between 150 and 160 bpm.

I knew from my training that my right foot would go numb if my heart race exceeded 165.

My strategy was simple. Keep my heart rate at close to 160 as possible.

It was working. The half marathon came at 1:31.

Then my calfs started cramping up, but that wasn't as much as concern as my foot going numb.

This is when I put my head down and started to recite my mantra Bible verses and focus on one foot in front of the other.

This verse is so appropriate for this race. It's during a quiet morning, and I'm humbly laying my request before God.

At about 10K to go, my right foot numbness and pins-and-needles became excruciating. Just like when your foot is asleep and it starts to come back. But I knew I was going to able to make it.

With just a couple K to go, I started to say, "Ouch, Ouch, Ouch", each time my right foot hit.

But I was happy. I knew I was going to make it.

My pace slowed considerable. I don't really remember much of the final few kilometers except pain.

Finish 3:15!

I reached my goal of exceeding the Boston Qualifying standard.

For me, running races is one of the most important parts of a full life.

The next mission for me is to prepare for major aneurysm surgery and recover to be able to run another marathon.


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