June 23rd, 2017

What About the Boot Camp?

I have been leading The Guelph Victors Runner's Boot Camp since the summer of 2008 without interuption.

During some years I've led up to 4 workouts each week and I have not taken even one week off because of illness.

I can't imagine being forced to take several weeks off because of this necessary surgery. I think I enjoy leading the Boot Camp more than the participants enjoy taking part in it.

What do I do? If I cancel the Boot Camp, it might just never get started up again.

At just the right time, not only did Patty accept the challenge to run a marathon with 7 weeks of training, she also suggested that she lead the Boot Camp while I'm recovering from my artery bypass surgery.

I am taking her up on this offer and I'm thankful.

Yes. Boot Camp is not cancelled. What's more, it will be better when I'm gone because all the runners will workout harder, and Patty will lead with an energy level and enthusiasm that I haven't been reaching lately. 

I will be back to attend Boot Camp as soon as possible, even if I'm just sitting and encouraging you.

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