July 9th, 2017

Half Marathon Tune-up on the Track

The weekend before a marathon I always run a 10K race or a Half Marathon training run as a confiednce builder before heading into Taper Week.

This time around I ran a Half Marathon on Sunday evening.

I just got home from this run and all I feel is thankfulness.

I finished in 1hr32min. My cardio and endurance was not a problem. However, this is the first time in many weeks that my right foot went numb and then entered the pain zone. Ouch! But it's only temporary. My heart rate was getting up over 175 which is what triggers the pain. In the race I won't allow it to get this high.

That was the last training run. Less than and week to go! I have a couple rejuvenating workouts remaining but I could actually just relax the rest of the week and be okay.


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