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You may start the Boot Camp any week.

$220 for 12 months

$90 for 3 months

Before attending, complete the registration form found here.

If this is your first time attending Boot Camp, please complete the ParQ form as well. 

Place the registration form/payment in an envelope and insert them in the box marked 'Registration Forms' at the Boot Camp.




Registration List
Monday 6:30
Edward Johnson School
John McCrae School 


Andrea  Lindsey 2019-12-01
Anne  Hinds 2019-05-01
Bluetoothaqa  Bluetoothaqa
Briar  Long 2019-12-14
Carolyn  Bowen 2019-12-07
Chris  Duke 2019-06-01
Christoph  Kessel 2019-12-07
Dan  Crabbe 2019-05-01
Dave  Latreille 2020-03-01
Ed  Ross 2020-04-10
Erica  Baxter 2019-12-01
Istvan  Rajcan 2019-06-07
Jaclyn  Bryson 2019-05-01
Jamie  Phelps 2020-04-14
Jennifer  Van Gerwen 2020-05-01
John  Pedlar 2019-06-07
Karen  Wood 2019-06-07
Keith  Hamilton 2019-08-01
Kimani  Rutherford 2019-05-01
Lina  Urbisci 2020-03-01
Lisa  Appleby 2019-10-07
Mark  McDonald 2020-04-01
Mark  Ventry 2019-05-15
Martin  Hengeveld 2019-05-01
Minelabufd  Minelabufd
Nick  Grayson 2020-03-01
Sarah  Lippert 2019-10-07
Stina  Nilsson 2019-10-07
Susan  Wahlroth 2020-04-01
Sylvia  Pedlar 2019-08-01
Tyler  Gray 2019-12-07
Victor  Wong 2019-11-15
Yadhira  Lopez 2019-05-01

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