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Subtitled: You should run more races.

Just the facts...

Back in July last year I had surgery to remove an aneurysm in my right femoral artery. I spent a week in the hospital, a couple weeks in bed, a couple months basically sedentary.

After 2 months I was ready to go back to work but when I got there, the investors in the company stopped their funding so I was out of work. A week later, I was back in the hospital for four days with complications from my surgery. However, I was able to find a great software development job here in Guelph. In November, my surgeon gave me the go-ahead to start working out again. To say the least, that was an emotional and physical roller-coaster.

In December, I registered for the Chilly Half, thinking I would be ready to start racing again. I turns out that I haven't been able to run more than once a week on average, and even that is only at about 6 or 7 mph on the treadmill. My legs keep cramping up and getting injured, especially from the knee down.

Regardless, I was determined to start racing whether I was ready or not. I'm glad I did!

I LOVE running races. I have always said I love running races. Someone may have thought I love races because I would typically take a Masters awards. Those days are over.

Today I ran 1:32. By far the slowest race I've ever run. But one of the most satisfying. I LOVED it!

Can you see the pain? :-)

Prior to this I've run the Chilly Half Marathon twice, with times of 1:16 and 1:21. But this 1:32 far exceeded my expectations and it's the most satisfying. I'm motivated more than ever to work through these injuries to get faster.

You don't get motivated to run a race, but rather, I know from experience, there is nothing like a race to motivate you to get healthy and train.

Some people say they aren't ready to run a race. I wouldn't get too concerned about that. You probably aren't going to win. If you don't race because you think you aren't ready then you are taking it too seriously.

The Chilly Half had over 3000 runners putting themselves through a high level of discomfort yet smiling. Those big races are a sea of positivity. Those are the kind of people it is good to be around.

Even if you finish in last place, you are helping someone else feel good about themselves. That makes the world a better place. 

Next up, Around the Bay and then a spring marathon.

For every race, I choose some verses to recite as my mantra. Today I used these these. So appropriate as they talk about how our troubles are temporary...


~~ David Brooks, March 2018 ~~


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