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MONDAY JULY 22, 2019 - 6:30PM John McCrae School

MONDAY JULY 29, 2019 - 6:30PM John McCrae School

MONDAY AUGUST 5, 2019 - Civix Holiday - No Boot Camp

      (additional recovery weeks may be scheduled, To Be Determined) 

MONDAY AUGUST 12, 2019 - 6:30PM John McCrae School (Led by Lina)

MONDAY AUGUST 19, 2019 - 6:30PM John McCrae School



John McCrae School 

Edward Johnson School



The Guelph Victors are a diverse group of Guelph runners, training together with a shared desire to get faster. We are men and women of many ages, from 20s to 60s. We workout together doing tempo runs on the roads as well as doing intervals, repeats and speedwork on the track. Come  join us! 


better running mechanics and form
greater speed
enhanced strength
injury resistance
improve your recent PB: mile to marathon

The Runner's Boot Camp 

It is commonly accepted that runners need to do specific drills, exercises and stretches. 

You know you need it.

On their own, without a coach, very few people will do this consistently. Very few people will do this with the required intensity. This is what makes the Runner's Boot Camp so valuable.

We emphasize running form as what we LEARN.

And we make use of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to get the BURN

Is the Boot Camp for you? The Boot Camp is for everyone. For real. Truth!

Fast runners need it. Many new runners have gotten started with the Boot Camp. And hundreds of veteran runners have made it a part of their weekly routine since 2007. 


Past Participants

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Running Specific Training

form drills
circuit training
core-strength exercises
sports agility drills
safe plyometrics
structured and disciplined
no gimmicks


What is the format of the workouts?
During each workout you will perform drills and exercises that will make you a better runner as well as teach you something. The basic format of the workout includes a warmup, followed by the main circuit of drills and exercises (alternating energetic exercises with recovery intervals) and finishing off with a cool-down stretch.

All the workouts in the 3 Month Session are different - usually MUCH different. Each workout has a particular theme that gives it a specific physiological benefit. For example, one workout involves short 30 Second Intervals to focus on neuromuscular coordination, strength and speed, while another workout is comprised of Long Drills to benefit aerobically as well as our focus. In some of the workouts we visualize our race strategy while executing the drills to give us some brain training while still gaining fitness.

How much running will there be?
There will be no continuous running. A few drills involve running but much less than a hundred meters (especially when we are in a gym). The Boot Camp is to benefit and supplement our running, rather than do more running. The running you do on your own is of utmost importance to maximize the benefit of the Boot Camp. 

Should I come early to warm-up?
You should arrive a few minutes early so that you are ready for the structured warm-up that we will perform as a group. Each session includes a warm-up and cool-down that is an integral part of the entire workout.
You must arrive early before your first session to allow time for registration and greeting.

Is the Runner’s Boot Camp for elite runners or recreational runners?
These drills and exercises are performed by the best runners in the world as well as beginning high school runners. They are fundamental and important to all runners. Everyone can benefit from the drills and exercises practiced during these workouts.

Relatively inexperienced runners stand to gain by developing core strength and learning correct form. Working these will get you on the 'right track' to becoming a better runner.

Experienced runners stand to gain much because after years of running, muscles become specialized to the movements needed for running. This comes at the cost of overall flexibility and ironically can lead to reduced peak running performance. The most current training methods have gotten away from 6-7 days of running, with alternating easy days and hard days. Top coaches advocate only 3 hard runs per week supplemented with cross-training and drills. If you feel like you are on the verge of injury most of the time and you feel 'fragile' then you should join the Bootcamp.

Since we are not going to be doing pure running, all participants will be exercising as a group side by side with athletes of all abilities. In fact, some slower runners may be better at some drills than faster runners.

Do I need to attend all the workouts?
Since we are all very busy, it may not be possible to attend all workouts. However, you will benefit the most from attending more than 3/4 of the workout. Over the years, it has become clear that the runners who attend Boot Camp almost every week gain the most. 

BOTTOM LINE: You don't NEED to attend every workout, but you SHOULD. 

Will the workout be cancelled in the event of rain? (outdoor summer workouts only)
No. Only if there is lightning or an extreme downpour.

Why is there a registration fee for these workouts?

I have found that charging a fee ensures committment and regular attendance. In addition, the reality is that facility rental, insurance and related expenses are quite expensive.

Guelph Victors Track Workouts 

Running Articles
What is the Runners Boot Camp?  

1. Essential Drills, Exercises and Stretches; specifically for runners.

2. Executed in a Circuit-style workout; to benefit your fitness.

3. Set to music; to make it enjoyable.


You know this is what you need.
Replace one weekly run with this group workout.
Based on sound training principles and proven physiology.

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